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3 Remodelling Products for Your Restaurant to Boost Your Business

Why were restaurants invented? Let's take you back in time to meet the legend Monsieur Boulanger who opened doors to the first-ever restaurant in 1765 to serve restorative broths. The idea became a culinary revolution that made its way to the 21st century without having to put up a fight. It's an effortless escape from everyday lives that get us hustling and bustling.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the restaurant business like a truck, with 60 percent of Canadian restaurants closing permanently due to reduced sales. It's been over a year, 360 days since the restriction was imposed on indoor dining in Canada. But now that it's time to open, we suggest you open with a bang. The taste of the food undoubtedly plays a vital role in your restaurant's sales, but no one ever liked winding up in an ugly place to enjoy their dinner. Therefore, we bring you 3 remodelling tips for your restaurant to boost its business:

How many times have you been to a restaurant with a lousy exterior? People rarely ever go by the ideology of 'don't judge a book by its cover' when it comes to the places for dining. So, you're going to want to make a lasting first impression that encourages foodies to perceive your brand and food wholeheartedly. The colours of your exterior play a vital role in brand recognition, so you want to emphasize colours that match your brand and convey positive feelings alongside.

Dig up a handful of clever tips; for example, blue reduces appetite, but red increases hunger — challenge your thought process and paint the town (read: façade) red. Another popular colour for the organic food industry is green that evokes feelings of growth and wellness. If you're short on budget, reserving the pop of colours (i.e., happy colours like orange and yellow) for the trims or doors can do a job just as great.

As for the interiors, the colour you opt for makes just as much of a difference to sales as they impact the customer's psychology in terms of the time and money they spend indulging in the range of food choices. For example, cooler shades make you believe as though the temperature were more relaxed indoors.

Working as a team

A New Flooring or Furnishing?

If the floors of a restaurant could speak, they'd beg for mercy from the spills, crumbs, and heavy foot traffic. The sweeping, scrubbing, and swiping make the floor lose its shine over time. This is why installing new flooring in a restaurant works fairly well. Always choose an option that hides spills and stains well while retaining its modern feel. Pair a new flooring with new lighting fixtures such as pendant lights on the tabletops and accent lights to highlight the artwork on the walls to maximize your interior design to the fullest.

Likewise, upgrading the furnishings in your restaurant could boost the profitability margin. Think of a scenario where you're seated at your table, waiting for your food for the past 20 minutes — you start to notice that the seating is uncomfortable, the tables are really worn out, and just maybe this wasn't the right restaurant for you. We may have drafted a really scary scenario for a restaurant owner, but it's true. No matter how delicious your food is, the little things always make a difference in terms of customer satisfaction.

The Bathroom

Many a time, restaurant owners spend their efforts improving the more prominent areas of the restaurant (i.e., visible to the public) but overlook the bathrooms. A bathroom must be comfortable regardless of where it's located as it brings people's opinions to the table about the space. A harshly lit bathroom and run down or out of date plumbing fixtures take a toll on your business. Remember that a bathroom isn't just an add-on or luxury; it's an essential facility for every patron that walks in through the doors of your restaurant. A fresh coat of paint, updated fixtures, spotless tiles, softer lights, and possibly a mirror are all that you need to make the space more comfortable.

Restaurant Remodelling in Canada

If you're down to give your restaurant a complete makeover, get set to shake hands with the best restaurant renovation contractors in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, British Colombia — restaurant remodelling services from NOVESTA.

NOVESTA is a construction firm dedicated to residential and commercial development to maximize your profit margin. Our restaurant remodelling and development projects are planned strategically to achieve the aesthetics you envision. We've hit the eight-year benchmark in real estate development, construction, and renovations with commercial renovations, restaurant remodelling, condo construction, multi-family residential builder, and residential renovations.

The list of past clients has unlocked greater productivity levels with NOVESTA commercial and NOVESTA residential services. Our most expensive project summed up to $25 million, but that doesn't mean we can't help move around some chairs in your restaurant. Needless to say, the commercial construction and renovation team at NOVESTA specializes in handling development projects of all sizes in record time and budget.

Stay functional without having to compromise the aesthetics with NOVESTA. We understand that remodelling your restaurant is a burden on your budget, but the premium work quality and experienced restaurant contractors make it all worth the while at the best rates.

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