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A multi-family home development project is a daunting one unless you pair with an experienced design-build unit and construction team. When planned strategically, a multi-residential development project reaps a high profit, mainly due to the immense population growth in the region.

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Custom Built Homes by Multi-Residential Builders in Edmonton, Alberta

Multi-residential or multi-family homes are buildings that house multiple residents. The most common housing category for multi-family buildings includes low-rise, mid-rise, high-rise, and mixed-use. These may feature less than three or more than ten stories for residential or commercial occupation.

Custom-built home by the most affordable custom home builders in Edmonton, Alberta, lowers the risk of investing in real estate, offers positive cash flow, and provides greater financing advantages for tenants and landlords across Alberta and British Columbia. Novesta specializes in multi-family residential constructions, including apartments, condos, condo conversions, duplexes and townhouses, social housing, and student housing. We also offer in-house development, suggest design-built solutions, conduct renovations, and perform construction management on the ground for residential and commercial sectors. Residential construction includes custom homes, garage suites, legal suites, infill construction, renovations, single-family homes, and spec homes. On the other hand, commercial construction offered at Novesta ranges from the base build or landlord work to clinics, daycares, exterior renovations, retails, restaurants, and tenant improvements. We aim to help achieve your vision in time, without compromising the quality, to maximize your investment.

Novesta Emerges as Edmonton, Alberta’s Most Affordable Custom Home Builder

Novesta saves you time researching your options for ‘multi-family home builders near me’ for home developments in Edmonton, Alberta. We’re multi-residential builders with 80 years’ worth of experience in residential and commercial real estate construction and renovation.

We provide services for base builds and landlord work, condo conversions or constructions, construction management, design-build, end-use strategy, land and business acquisition, low-rise building construction, multi-family, renovations, and tenant improvements. All of this and more while complying with the parameters of your budget.

Novesta is a dedicated, client-focused design-build, real estate developer, and construction management firm.


What drives the highly competitive capital investment market here in Canada is speed. Our collaborative fast-track processes with the respective clients help eliminate scheduled waste while managing project costs. Our virtual design-built application evaluates materials and solutions before the construction starts.

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