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How to Plan Your Daycare Renovation in 5 Simple Steps

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

The daycare center can often be a second home for many children growing up. As a daycare owner looking to plan a renovation, not only do you need to be a functional space for your business, but a homely and welcoming one as well. Daycares are unique environments where education, fun, and safety are paramount, and any renovation project needs to take all three into consideration.

So, if you are planning to get your daycare center renovated, then having a detailed plan in place is important. In the field of construction and renovation, a proper plan ensures that you know your goas and your budget, and can anticipate any obstacles along the way.

Here are 5 simple steps to take when planning your daycare renovation.

1. Know your goals

What are the reasons for renovating your daycare center? Is it because you need additional space? Do you want to add more facilities for children? Do you want to build a bigger washroom and toilet? These are questions to be answered before you start the work. If you have had a smaller daycare center, then you may want to extend it to add more space. Know your goals for the project first, then the rest of the process will flow much easier.

2. Plan for future needs

Although you know why you need to renovate your daycare today, you may also want to plan for future needs as well. Renovation work can get expensive and when you are getting it done, make sure you don’t have to repeat the work again. Some people make the mistake of getting work done keeping only immediate needs in mind, but fail to anticipate future growth or changing needs. You may want to plan for an expansion, or anticipate changes in regulations like distancing requirements, and renovate accordingly. Although the cost may be larger up front, it will pay dividends when your facility is ready to take on future needs down the line.

3. Determine your budget

You'll know the exact costs for your project once you hire a contractor or construction management company. But before that, you need to know your own personal budget as starting any renovation work without a firm budget can lead to many avoidable problems. Know the costs involved with renovation projects of your size beforehand, get quotes, do an internet search, know any industry specific costs and budget accordingly.

4. Choose a reliable construction company

The builder or construction company is the one who will eventually carry out the renovation from start to finish. These companies can be experienced in constructing new buildings or renovating existing ones, and have all the workers to ensure your project goes on as planned. There are many construction companies in the market and you need to choose one of them for your work.

You can keep the following guidelines in mind while choosing a construction company to work with:

• The construction company needs to have years of experience in the field. They need to have worked on many projects, including renovation projects in your industry.

• The company should have qualified engineers and other staff with experience in construction work. They should ideally have a single point of contact – an account manager to be your main point of contact.

• You can ask the company for the list of projects they have completed. It is better to visit the project sites to get a clear idea of how they work.

• Choose a company that has all the necessary licenses and permits to carry out the work.

• They should be knowledgeable in all safety and regulatory norms related to daycare centers. Eg: requirements for fire safety. The company must also be conversant with local laws related to construction and renovation work. This ensures you are compliant with the law and will prevent problems later.

• They should come out with a detailed plan outlining all the work to be done with clear deadlines. The cost estimate they offer should be precise and they should have a plan to handle cost overruns (if any).

• The project would involve working with contractors to buy the materials needed. The construction company should be able to manage all the contractors and ensure all resources are obtained on time.

• The company must have its supervisor at the facility to monitor the work being done.

You can compare a few companies before choosing the best. It is good practice to avoid going for the one offering the lowest price. Look for both price and value before you select a construction company. Call the construction company representatives to visit your site before they submit a quotation. Make a list of questions you have and ensure you get all the answers.

Daycare renovation

5. Ask for a detailed plan

The purpose of the planning process is to prepare a full and detailed plan. Ask the construction company to submit the plan with their quote. Look for the following before proceeding:

• The plan must list out all the activities to be completed, including procurement of materials. There must be clear deadlines for each of those activities.

• The plan must have a buffer to handle any unforeseen delays.

• The start and end dates for the renovation work must be clearly outlined.

• The quotation must clearly list out all costs involved. This would include labor costs, design costs, cost of building materials, cost of other materials you need, cleaning costs, etc.

A clear payment schedule must be provided with the plan and quotation. The construction company should not insist on upfront payment. The payment schedule must mention the dates when payments are due. You must ensure that the final payment is released only after the work is complete.

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